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Educational Specialist in Educational Administration - Superintendency

Degree Requirements

The Education Specialist degree will include the following courses:

  • EAD 7000 Continuous Enrollment (as needed to complete field study)
  • EAD 7002 Educational Technology **
  • EAD 7003 School District Administration
  • EAD 7013 Personnel Administration **
  • EAD 7023 Advanced School Finance
  • EAD 7033 School Planning & Maintenance**
  • EAD 7043 Research and Statistics
  • EAD 7053 Advanced School Law **
  • EAD 7063 Field Study
  • EAD 7072 Internship I in Superintendency
  • EAD 7082 Internship II in Superintendency
  • EAD 7093 Politics in Education
  • EAD 7123 The Superintendency
  • EAD 7132 Capstone
    **Indicates courses to be taught Online.

Students who possess a Master’s degree and wish to pursue the Specialist degree in Administration must complete the following leveling courses:

  • EAD 6002 Foundations of Educational Administration**
  • EAD 6053 School Supervision
  • EAD 6093 Administration of Special Programs
  • EAD 6014 School Administration
  • EAD 6024 School Curriculum for Administrators
  • EAD 6062 Internship I

Students must also complete a minimum of three (3) hours in Advanced Educational Psychology and a minimum of three (3) hours of Educational Research at the masters level. If not completed as evident on and official transcript, the additional six (6) hours must be completed as part of the leveling process.
Students completing the leveling courses and the Education Specialist will receive endorsement as a building level administrator (Initial Principal’s Certificate in either elementary or secondary administration.