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Doctor of Education at Southwest Baptist University

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

SBU offers a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership specifically to prepare leaders and administrators for service in school administration and other leadership roles in various non profit or church affiliated organizations. The program has been developed and approved under the guidelines required by the Higher Learning Commission.

The program involves learners in a variety of educational experiences including, discussions of current research and leadership practice, self-reflection, innovative technological applications, simulations, field-based learning, professional seminars and other experiences deemed current and appropriate. The program employs a cohort model to provide a number of benefits to students including support, group feedback, peer mentoring, networking, and collaborative insights. Advisors are assigned to students the first semester of their coursework with the purpose of providing ongoing guidance and facilitation for the individual Directed Research project.

The expectations for those completing the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership program will be to expand their skills as Servant Leaders who can demonstrate essential knowledge and processes capable of creating a positive culture, increasing organizational/student performance, and facilitating the development of a highly successful learning organization. For further information on the requirements for the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership degree check the links above or call SBU at 800-792-4191.