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Career Services at Southwest Baptist University

Career Assessments

Self-Directed Search:  The Holland Codes 
This assessment assists students in evaluating their career interests. Holland classifies occupations into six major groups (using 2 or 3 letter codes). Based on a summary of your interests, a code will be generated, allowing you to match this code to specific careers that match your interests.  This free assessment is given at the Career Services Center.  Please call for an appointment.

Occupational Information Network:  O*NET Skills Search:  Find occupations that match your skills.

Rocket Career   A career test.   With this interest survey you can explore new educational opportunities based on your personal results.  The results will direct you to jobs fitting your interests, which can in turn, help you select a major.

Quest:  A survey that matches your interests and personality to academic majors and careers.  (Developed by Ball State University; therefore, some of the information will only be applicable to courses and majors at BSU.)

Inside Jobs: Discover new careers you don't yet know about! 

Keirsey Temperament Sorter II Personality Instrument:  A self-assessment and interest inventory based on a short form of the Myers-Briggs Temperament Inventory.

Career Explorer allows you to search for occupations by name.  Information on each occupation includes a job description, potential salary, size and growth, entry requirements, related occupations, and related majors.

Career Profiles:  Explore careers and occupations.  Includes information on salaries and benefits, education and training, job search information.

By searching the internet, you can find multiple free career assessment and personality tests. Go to a search engine and type in: career assessment tests or personality tests.  These tests ask you questions and then try to match your personality and interests to an occupation.  If you start to see a trend in a suggested occupation,  you need to determine the major needed for it. Do remember to use online test results as a guide, not a rule.  

Once you decided on a major, please go to our "What can I do with this major" link and view the many employment options you have.