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Endowment - An Investment in SBU

The SBU Endowment is an investment pool which holds those funds supporting scholarships and the University's long-term operations.  The University understands that managing these funds well is critical to achieving its long term mission and honoring the donors who made it possible.

The Endowment Investment Management Process

The SBU Trustees have established an Investment Committee charged with the responsibilities of overseeing the management of the University's Endowment.  The Investment Committee is comprised of University officials, Trustees, community leaders and two investment professionals with more than 60 years of combined investment management experience.  The committee has established a number of principles which guide its activities and have incorporated them into an official Investment Policy Statement.  These principles include:

  1. A disciplined approach considering return requirements, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and time horizon.
  2. A long-term focus which is not driven by current events and the emotions of the moment. 
  3. Inter-generational neutrality that provides for an annual spending policy which is less than its expected long-term rate of return.
  4. Stable annual funding of scholarships and University operations utilizing a multi-year average portfolio value is used when calculating annual distributions.
  5. Systematic monitoring that ensures that the endowment is rebalanced quarterly to ensure it maintains the proper risk/return structure.
  6. Continuous improvement practices that monitor changes in the theory and practice of investment management over time.

While the investment committee cannot guarantee a specific level of return, it can and does commit to being a good steward of the endowment portfolio through excellence in the execution of its investment management responsibilities.

For more information regarding the Endowment Investment Management Process or to discuss gifting opportunities contact Dr. Brad Johnson, vice president for university relations by e-mail at or by phone at 417-328-1804.