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The Department of History and Political Science offers advisement to students who are interested in pursuing a law career.

The Association of American Law Schools does not recommend a specific pre-law major as the preferred background or preparation for law school. Therefore, we do not designate any specific major or minor for students who anticipate attending law school.

However, some of the majors and minors typically chosen by pre-law students are political science, business, history, education, English, and speech, although any challenging area of study would be appropriate.

The department of history and political science offers a special pre-law seminar (POL 2101) for students who are planning to go to law school after graduation. The department also offers academic advisement for those students planning toward law school who have not yet selected a major.

Entrance into law school is based on a combination of a student's grade point average and a student's score on the standardized Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).