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Geneva Casebolt
College of Music, Arts and Letters

Literature not only delights but also instructs.

Learn to write effectively, comprehend the nature of language, understand literary traditions, think critically about literature and language, and foster an awareness of humankind — all in a Christian atmosphere.

The SBU Advantage

  • Classroom discussions of literature are undergirded by Christian beliefs and traditions.
  • A close-knit, supportive learning environment provides plenty of interaction between faculty and students, both in and out of the classroom.
  • With SBU's small class sizes, students do not feel lost in a crowd.

Course Information

A Bachelor of Arts in English requires 30 hours of English courses in addition to 42 hours of general education courses and 16-18 hours of graduation requirements. Required English courses include Advanced Composition, 6 hours of American literature courses, 12 hours of British and/or world literature courses, 3 hours of linguistic courses, and 6 hours of English electives.

Clubs and Organizations

Students who enjoy writing poetry can join Author Unknown, a poetry society that fosters the development of poets. The Department of Language and Literature also sponsors a chapter of the international honor society Sigma Tau Delta.


The Department of Language and Literature awards a number of private competitive scholarships based on a student’s GPA, contribution to the department, and career potential.

Career Opportunities

English studies will prepare you for careers that require strong written communication skills, such as positions in graduate school, the media, public relations, publishing, business, law, education, public service, management, and the ministry.

Degree Requirements

ENG/WRT 3353 Advanced Composition
Advanced expository writing, based on a study of contemporary prose.
Two of the following:
ENG 3313 American Literature I
Literature of America from Colonial Period to Romantic Period.
ENG 3323 American Literature II
Literature of America from Age of Realism to present.
ENG 4483 The American Novel
Representative American novels from Colonial Period to present.
One of the following:
ENG 3233 Medieval and Renaissance English Literature
Literature of England from Beowulf to Shakespeare.
ENG 3243 Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century English Literature
Literature of England from Donne to Boswell.
One of the following:
ENG 3333 The Romantic Period
Literature of England from Blake to Keats.
ENG 3343 The Victorian Period
Literature of England from Tennyson to Hopkins.
One of the following:
ENG/THR 4413 Shakespeare
Tragedies, histories and comedies of Shakespeare.
ENG 4453 Milton
Life and works of Milton.
One of the following:
ENG 4433 Twentieth-Century English Literature
Literature of England from Hardy to Fowles.
ENG 4463 Contemporary Poetry
Poetry of the modern world.
One of the following:
ENG 3363 History of the English Language
The development of the English language from its beginning to the present.
ENG 3373 Structure of the English Language
Detailed study of current English sounds, grammar and usage.
Plus an additional six hours of English electives.