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Wellness Center at Southwest Baptist University

Intramural Courts

Intramural Courts
  1. Appropriate attire is required in the intramural gym. Full length shirts (t-shirts) covered backs and fronts, shorts, and non marking shoes are acceptable. Sandals, open-toed shoes, boots, hard soled shoes, and anything that damages flooring or compromises the safety and professionalism of the Fitness Area are prohibited.
  2. Dunking, grabbing or hanging on the basketball rims is prohibited.
  3. The use of soccer balls, baseballs, footballs or Frisbees and other equipment considered unsafe in the gymnasium environment are prohibited during open recreation. Exceptions will be made for programmed and staff supervised activities.
  4. The decision to divide courts by drawing Gym curtains will be made by Wellness Center staff.
  5. Do not lean on, pull, or sit on court dividers. 6. Recreational basketball games will adhere to the following guidelines:
    • A challenge for the next game is issued verbally by waiting players.
    • No one in the present game may call for “next game”.
    • Only one player need be present to issue a challenge.
    • Losing player(s) are not eligible for the next game unless other player(s) are unavailable.
    • Upon winning three consecutive games, the winning team must exit the court if players are waiting for “next game”.