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Campus Activities
Campus Activities is here to provide opportunities for students to take a break from class and spend time together. There are numerous activities planned throughout each semester that allow students to hang out and have fun! Students get the chance to portray their favorite musical artist at Battle of the AirBands, spend an evening at the bowling alley during the Bowling Ball, and more!! Check out the University Calendar to see what event is coming up next!

Major Events
Major Events is responsible for upholding many of the SBU's traditions. This committee plans Homecoming, Christmas Week, Courtwarming, and the Mozarkian Formal. Each of these weeks provide unique events from the Homecoming Talent show and Bed Races to the Gingerbread House contest and Christmas Banquet. Each Major Event provides a week full of activities!

Integration of Faith and Culture (IFC)
Integration of Faith and Culture committee brings in musicians, speakers, and show films on campus that challenge students to wrestle with idea of being a critical thinking Christian when interacting with popular arts and culture. Artists that have been brought to campus in the past include Shane and Shane, Derek Webb, Todd Agnew and Sanctus Real as well as Queen's Club and Abandon Kansas. Recent speakers include Cathleen Falsani and Terry Mattingly. Films that have been shown on campus include Inception, The Dark Knight, and Iron Man 2.

IFC also provides opportunities for students to showcase their own talents through annual events such as Highlighter Songwriter Showcase, Performer's Delight, and the Student Film Festival.

The Publicity Committee gets the word out to the students on what will be going on throughout each week. Posters are made for each event and distributed throughout Campus so that students always know what is happening on campus. You can also get updates on when events are occuring and see their videos by connecting on Facebook or on Twitter.

If you have any questions or suggestions for University Activities Council or desire to be involved with UAC, send them an email at

You can also contact:

Nathan Penland
Director of Student Activities
1600 University Ave.
Bolivar, MO 65613
(417) 328-1828
Fax: (417) 328-1579