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Killian Health Center at Southwest Baptist University

Killian Health Center

(417) 328-1888
803 S. Pike (street address)
1600 University Ave. (mailing address)
Bolivar, MO  65613

General health services are provided at the Center for undergraduate and graduate students, and for faculty and staff members as well. Services provided include limited medical treatment, consultation, referrals, self-care recommendations, immunizations, and medical counseling. When self-care recommendations are offered, limited over-the-counter medications, bandages, and first aid-treatment are available without additional fees. These services are available to students who pay the student services fee.

Students who require specialized medical assistance or tests are referred to local medical facilities. Students needing additional treatment will be financially responsible for any services acquired. The University will not be financially responsible for costs incurred by the student for services provided by any physician or medical center. Students injured during intramurals or any other University activities are financially responsible for any treatments received beyond those provided by the Health Center.

SBU Health Center Staff


Immunization Record Form & TB Screening Questionnaire

Flu Information

Flu Symptoms and Actions
Flu Self-Care for Students

Meningitis Vaccine

Know your risk, know the signs and symptoms - go to for more information. The Meningitis Vaccine is available at the Polk County Health Department. Call 417-326-7250 to schedule an appointment and check availability. When scheduling your appointment, inquire about the fee.

Hours of Operation and Contact Information

The Health Center is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, during SBU’s annual fall and spring semesters and varied hours during the January and summer (June and July) term sessions.

Additional information is available at the Health Center (417-328-1888). To obtain documentation for a class absence (one or more days), a student must be seen by the Director of Health Services on the first day of the class absence.