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Evelyn Mercer

Evelyn Mercer Social Work Legacy Scholarship

Honoring a Legacy

The Evelyn Mercer Social Work Legacy Scholarship is founded to honor the vision, service, and dedication of Evelyn Mercer, MSW, LCSW who served as a SBU faculty member for 23 years. Under Evelyn’s leadership, countless students learned about social work, and many became professional social workers as a result of her influence.

Fund Vision

Evelyn’s vision for social work education at SBU led to the development of a social work minor, and it was that same vision that led to SBU developing a Bachelor of Social Work program. SBU accepted its first cohort of social work majors during the Fall of 2011. Service in Evelyn’s view, social work is about servant leadership and ministering to those who are the most vulnerable in society. She modeled compassion for others, a servant’s heart, and a dedication to excellence throughout her tenure at SBU.

For information on donating to this scholarship, contact contact Dr. Brad Johnson, vice president of university relations, at (417) 328-1805 or or you may make a gift online.

“My hope is this scholarship will help students reach their potential to be a social worker and not let finances keep them from ministry.” – Evelyn Mercer, MSW, LCSW, ACSW

“God used Evelyn’s classes to open my eyes to social work as a career path. I am exceptionally grateful for her influence in my life.” -Christine M. Saladino, LMSW