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SBU Extended Learning

Online Dual Credit

SBU is offering Online Dual Credit. This program allows much flexibility for a high school student who would like to earn both high school credit and credit for college general education requirements. The students would only need access to a computer at school/home and reliable Internet access. Online Dual Credit also allows schools that do not have the qualified personnel to offer traditional dual credit classes to add this to their curriculum.

What is dual credit?

  • Courses that are offered for dual credit allow the student to receive both high school credit and college credit.
  • Dual credit courses provide a great way for students to get a “jump start” on college while still in high school at a reduced tuition.
  • Each dual credit course and teacher has been approved by SBU and meets the requirements of the same class offered on SBU’s campus.

Communication with Your Parents

  • It is vital that you share the information regarding dual credit with your parents. Be sure to discuss:
    • The course(s) you plan to take for dual credit
    • The tuition cost, payment deadlines and finance charges

Dual Credit Requirements

  • Students must be recommended by the high school principal or counselor.
  • Students must have a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or the equivalent.

    For all dual credit policy questions, please contact:
    Suzanne Powers
    Dual Credit Coordinator
    Phone: (417) 328-1689

Filling Out the Application

  • Please neatly complete all information on the application form provided to you. This information is used to set up your student information database, so it is important the information is correct and legible.
  • List all online dual credit courses you are taking through SBU this semester on one application form.
  • Leave the “Student ID #” blank. Please provide your Social Security number.
  • Sign/date the form and return it to the dual credit coordinator/counselor at your school by the deadline set by your school.


The tuition for online dual credit at SBU is $95.00 per credit hour. Finance charges will be added to unpaid balances, accounts must be paid in full before September 30th, for fall semester courses or February 28th, for spring semester courses. A deposit of $100.00 is required with the return of your application. The deposit will be placed on your account toward the tuition of the course. Credit will not be granted for the course if you fail to pay the full tuition. Tuition may be paid by credit or debit card after the student account has been charged. There is a processing fee of 2.5% when paying with credit or debit card. Payments may be made by calling: 1-866-837-5397, or online through Webadvisor, in the MySBU portal.

Enrollment Dates

Enrollment period for the fall semester begins March 2 and ends September 1. Fall courses start August 24th and must be completed by December 14th. The enrollment period for the spring semester begins November 20th and ends January 26th. Spring courses start January 18th and must be completed by May 9th. Some high schools may require final grades sooner. All enrollments must be received by the Department of Extended Learning at SBU by these dates.


If you wish to withdraw, an official withdrawal form must be received by office of Extended Learning at Southwest Baptist University by September 18th for fall semester enrollments, or February 16th for spring semester enrollments. If the form is received within these guidelines students will be returned their deposit, minus a $25 processing fee. If you wish to withdraw after the aforementioned dates you’ll receive the non punitive grade of W on your transcripts, and you’ll receive no refund.


Students will be required to obtain the current textbook for the course. The college does not provide textbooks for these courses. Please contact the Department of Extended Learning (417) 328-1599 if you need assistance finding a textbook. You may purchase your text(s) from any source. Please secure your text(s) and have ready before your course begins. For your convenience the SBU Bookstore is linked. Please reference term "Online" and section "OLDC."


High school seniors must submit all online dual credit course work on or before the last Monday in April.

Current grades will be posted within the course. Final grades will also be posted within WebAdvisor. Upon on completion of the course students will receive a completion email with directions how to check their final grade in WebAdvisor. No college credit will be given unless student completes all assignments within the course.