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Withdraw from Online Course

The online learning community is dynamic when you, the learner, are intentionally present and engaged. In the learning context where this is not the case and you find yourself needing to withdraw from your course, please note these directions designed for the distance learner.

Please see detailed online withdrawal instructions (PDF).

Know that you can always withdraw from your DEL online course. There are TWO ways to be withdrawn from a DEL online course.

WAY #1: You make the withdrawal request based on ONE the following:

1. Before the final online registration date.: You withdraw via your academic advisor before the final online registration date. Contact your advisor via phone, visit or email to make your request. Final online registration date also appears within your initial welcome email (PDF) sent to your SBU email.

2. On or after the final online registration date and before course begins: You withdraw by sending an email to the Department of Extended Learning

Include “DEL Withdraw” in email subject line along with your full name, SBU ID#, course name and reason for the withdrawal in the email body. Final online registration date is found on DEL website or within your initial welcome email (PDF) sent to your SBU email.

3. After the course begins: After your course begins, you MUST inform the online instructor of your intent to withdraw. You must directly email the online instructor and request the withdrawal using the instructor’s SBU email address provided in your course or within your initial welcome email (PDF) that was sent to your SBU email.

Your instructor determines your last day of login or presence. This will be your official withdrawal date. The instructor will process your withdrawal request.

Note: If the withdrawal is before 60% of the class meetings, then a “W” will be issued by the registrar. If the withdrawal is after 60% of the class meetings, then a “W” (passing) or F (failing) will be issued.

WAY #2: Your online instructor makes the withdrawal request.

Your involvement in the online community is very important. However, your online instructor may request your withdrawal from the online community.

Your online instructor will make a reasonable attempt to communicate with you prior to this type of withdrawal via your SBU email account and/or course mail from within your course. You have the responsibility to respond to the communication.

If by the end of the first 5 days of the course, including weekends, you have not logged into the course or if your presence and activity are unreasonable and you have not requested an official withdrawal via your online instructor, your online instructor will send an email to the Department of Extended Learning requesting a withdrawal.