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SBU Online Learning

Tuition & Fees

Fall and Spring Semesters

If you are taking one of these online classes and fall between 12-18 total semester hours, you are not charged any additional tuition or fees. If you are parttime, additional tuition and fees may apply. Please contact the accounting office for specifics. (417) 328-1523

Winterfest and Summer Terms

If you are taking one of the DEL supported online courses below during a winterfest or summer term, you will be charged $350.00 per semester credit hour per course and a technology fee of $35.00 per term.

Tuition Refund

See Tuition Refund (PDF) for tuition refund schedule.

Financial Aid

FINANCIAL AID Grants and Loans - Federal Grants and Loans may be available through th Office of Financial Aid to be used toward SBU Online. You must meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify, just as with all Federal aid. Since the Department of Extended Learning offers only a limited number of online courses and does not offer a degree program through online study, the expectation is that only those students taking regular classroom course along with some online study would fit the criteria of degree seeking students through SBU. If you have questions concerning this policy, contact

Bolivar Contact: Director of Student Financial Planning - Brad Gamble
1600 University Avenue
Bolivar, Missouri 65613-2597
(417) 328-1823

Springfield Campus Contact: Financial Aide Coordinator - Danella Jemes
4431 S. Fremont
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 328-1571