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Withdraw From a Course and Grading System


To officially cancel or withdraw from a course, you must contact the Online Independent Study office in writing. When you make your request in writing, send the request directly to the Online Independent Study office. The postmark will be used as the withdrawal date. You may officially withdraw from a course at any time during the first four months after enrollment.

No grade will be recorded for those requesting a refund during the first 30 days. The grade of "W" will be assigned to you if you withdraw during the second through fourth month after enrollment. The "W" is recorded on the official SBU transcript but does not affect the grade point average. If you do not complete all assignments and exams within your course enrollment period and do not request an extension, you will be withdrawn automatically and assigned and "NC". If you withdraw from a course after 30 days from the date of enrollment, you will not receive a refund.


A grade represents an evaluation of your academic performance in a course and is determined by examinations and other criteria. Course grades are defined as follows: "A", excellent; "B", above average; "C", average; "D", a minimum passing; and "F", failure. The "F" grade carries no credit. A "W" is assigned if you withdraw during the second through fourth month after enrollment.

An "NC" (non-completion) grade is assessed when there is no official withdrawal or course work is not completed by the end of the first enrollment or extension dates. Your instructor may use letter grades, numerical grades, or S (satisfactory) and U (unsatisfactory) to indicate the quality of work on your assignments. Consult your course syllabus for specific details.


Each semester hour of credit is valued in grade points as follows: A, four points; B, three points; C, two points; D, one point; F, no points. W and NC grades are not assigned quality points and are not considered in computing a your grade point average.


The Online Independent Study office maintains a record of your enrollment while you complete your course work. When you complete all course assignments and examinations, the Registrar will enter your final grade into the University's permanent student record system. Grades will be reported as follows:

No Grade Report - Students who request (in writing) a refund (tuition only) within 30 days of enrollment.

W - Assigned to students who request (in writing) official withdraw during months 2-4 of the enrollment.

NC - Assigned to all students who do not officially withdraw and who do not complete all course requirements by the end of the 4-month enrollment or by the end of the official 6-months with extension.

A,B,C,D,F - Assigned to all students who complete all requirements for a course within 4 months (or 6 months with extension).

NOTE: All course requirements must be completed within course guidelines in order receive course credit.

Grade Documentation: An enrollment beginning on or after January 1 or on or before May 31 will be considered a spring enrollment (SC). An enrollment beginning on or after June 1 or on or before August 31 will be considered a summer enrollment (MC). An enrollment beginning on or after September 1 or on or before December 31 will be considered a fall enrollment (FC). NOTE: An OLIS enrollment begins immediately at the time of registration. There is no pre-registration in OLIS courses . Your official OLIS begin and end dates may look different than what appears in the University administrative system. A final grade will be documented using the original enrollment period as defined above. The Registrar performs grade documentation.

Transcript Request

If you have questions about transcripts, please call the Registrar's Office at (417) 328-1896.

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