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Lessons and Exams


Most SBU instructors are faculty who are on campus according to an academic-year schedule. You should be prepared for the possibility of a delay in the return of graded assignments and exams during heavy exam periods, semester breaks, and holidays.

We recommend that you submit one lesson at a time and that you wait until it has been evaluated before you submit the next lesson. Certain courses may have special time limitations and restrictions on the number of assignments that may be submitted at one time. Check your syllabus carefully for special guidelines.

Assignment Submission Procedure: OLIS Courses. Follow the submission directions posted in your OLIS course.

Within Course - You will use a course drop box function to upload electronic assignments. See course for details.

Send lessons/projects directly to your assigned instructor. To guard against the loss of the original, you are encouraged to make copies or electronic backups of each assignment you submit. NOTE: SBU cannot assume responsibility for lessons/projects or completed exams not received by the instructor.


If the course syllabus lists exams, you must take all the exams in order to receive course credit. Unless otherwise specified in the syllabus, all assignments preceding a scheduled exam must be submitted and graded before the exam can be taken. OLIS courses contain non-proctored (no proctor required), web-based online exams. Exams are timed. Access to exams is granted by the OLIS office.

Exam Request Procedure: OLIS Courses. Follow the exam request procedure listed in your OLIS course.

In rare cases and at the discretion of OLIS, properly authorized testing personnel may be called upon to supervise an OLIS examination. In the event OLIS chooses to enlist a exam proctor, OLIS will follow these general guidelines:

  • Administrators of accredited postsecondary degree-granting institutions, for example, registrars, deans, directors of college testing services or continuing education offices.
  • School superintendents or elementary or secondary school principals in an educational setting.
  • Directors of public, school, or college libraries.
  • For students in the military, education officers or commanding officers.
  • Clergy
  • County Extension Directors

Your exam proctor may not be:

  • A family member
  • Any person residing at your address
  • Any people residing at the same address as any student of SBU
  • Any person currently enrolled as a student of SBU
  • Any person who would personally benefit from the completion of your degree program. (e.g. certain employers)

Your exam proctor must:

  • Receive exam access code at his or her place of business.
  • Provide appropriate environment, computer and internet access for you to complete the exam.
  • Administer the exam in accordance to instructions.
  • Confirm completed exam as instructed.

The Online Indepedent Study office reserves the right to approve or reject a proposed examination supervisor or examination context.

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