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OLIS Enrollment


You may enroll in a SBU Online Independent Study (OLIS) course at anytime. Please read below. You may print information as needed.

1. Read the General Information section of this online catalog.

2. Select the catalog course(s) that will help you achieve your educational goal. To do this go to Course Listing. You are encouraged to obtain the current status of any course in this catalog. Course availability is subject to change without notice.

3. You may enroll at any time. Fill out the Enrollment Form found in this on-line catalog. (If you have been officially admitted to SBU as an undergraduate or graduate student, your academic advisor's approval is required.) Be sure to include your social security number and/or SBU student number.

4. Determine the total Tuition and Fees. Make your check payable to SBU. If you wish to use a MasterCard, Discover or Visa, complete the charge card information on the Enrollment Form. All payments must be made in U.S. dollars, drawn on U.S. banks.

Mail or Deliver Your Enrollment Form with Tuition and Fees to:

Online Independent Study (OLIS)
Department of Extended Learning
1600 University Avenue
Bolivar, Missouri 65613-2496

5. OLIS course enrollment notification comes via an e-mail. Whether you have an existing SBU ID# or not, please WAIT until your receive your e-mail confirmation notification before ordering texts/materials.

6. Enrollment Dates: An enrollment beginning on or after January 1 or on or before May 31 will be considered a spring enrollment (SC). An enrollment beginning on or after June 1 or on or before August 31 will be considered a summer enrollment (MC). An enrollment beginning on or after September 1 or on or before December 31 will be considered a fall enrollment (FC). NOTE: An OLIS enrollment begins immediately at the time of registration. There is no pre-registration in OLIS courses. Your official OLIS begin and end dates may look different than what appears in the University administrative system. A final grade will be documented using the original enrollment period as defined above. The Registrar performs grade documentation.

7. Select course publisher text(s) and publisher study guide(s) from any vendor close to you. Again, to determine texts please go to Course Listings

If you need assistance, call the Online Independent Study office at (417) 328-1599. NOTE: Transcripts of previous work and letters of admission are not required.

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