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SBU Extended Learning

Extended Learning

Online Learning

SBU is offering online learning. These online undergraduate courses are semester and term-based (spring, fall, summer and winterfest) and involve a community of online learners. Course schedule and online learner expectations are found at this location. Phone: (417) 328-1499.

Online Independent Study (OLIS)

OLIS courses are web-based independent study courses designed for those who want to study independently at his or her own pace. These courses are open-enrollment (begin at anytime) and permit up to a four month enrollment period. 417-328-1599.

Online Dual Credit

SBU is offering Online Dual Credit . This program allows much flexibility for a high school student who would like to earn both high school credit and credit for college general education requirements. The students would only need access to a computer at school/home and reliable Internet access. Online Dual Credit also allows schools that do not have the qualified personnel to offer traditional dual credit classes to add this to their curriculum. 417-328-1599.