SBUBolivar, Missouri Est. 1878


Current Projects

SBU Enactus works year-round to identify and meet needs in our community and beyond. Here are highlights from some of our ongoing projects.

TMB Recycling

SBU Enactus is working with a local company, TMB Recycling, to fulfill a previously unmet need of recycling options in the Bolivar community. The owners had limited business knowledge and so SBU Enactus has partnered with them to help create market awareness in the community and help create a realistic plan for the owners.

The Bean 3:16

When a community member with limited business expertise had the vision to provide a social-minded coffee shop in Bolivar, SBU Enactus stepped up to help. The team has helped with the inventory control system to increase contribution margin, expanded assets with the cash purchase of another building for larger events, and expanded products to provide pastries, sandwiches and soups. With the help of SBU Enactus, The Bean 3:16 has increased sales by 120% on event nights and increased college foot traffic by 45% with significant growth in other target markets as well.

New Day Orphanage – Zambia

Located in Zambia, Africa, New Day Orphanage currently houses 16 orphans with space, potential, and goal for 100. They employ 16 local Zambians and teach Zambian workers and children the basics of money and savings. The orphanage was relying heavily on unsteady and unreliable flow of gifts and donations and is in need of self-sustainability, efficient operations, and effective management. Members of the SBU Enactus team traveled to Zambia in January 2013 to help teach skills training and empower locals to become financially stable and live self-sufficiently. With the help of SBU Enactus, New Day Orphanage has revitalized a grinding mill and general store, increased the potential daily revenue of the mill, cut the operational costs of the mill by 75%, decreased clothing costs by 85%, and increased potential store foot traffic by 400%. SBU Enactus looks forward to a continued partnership with New Day Orphanage to further impact lives in a struggling nation.