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Credit and Collections at Southwest Baptist University

Contact Information

Greg Stewart
Greg Stewart

(417) 328-1570
Fax:  (417) 328-1514

Rebecca Hornbostel
Rebecca Hornbostel
Assistant Manager

(417) 328-1592
Fax: (417) 328-1514 

Jenn Martin
Jenn Martin
Department Secretary

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Fax: (417) 328-1514

Credit and Collections

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the amount to use for the Promissory Note?
Use the “total now due” amount on your most recent registration statement. NOTE: Review the statement closely, making sure all charges and credits are on as expected.

Not all of my financial aid is on the Registration Statement.  What do I do?
You can deduct the aid you are still expecting from the “total now due” amount.  Then check your account online via WebAdvisor to confirm the aid is listed.

What if I / my student receives additional Financial Aid, after the promissory note is signed & returned?
Additional financial aid will reduce the amount of your LAST monthly payment.  For example, if your 4-month plan covers a $4,000 balance, monthly payments will be $1,000.  An additional scholarship of $500 will reduce your last payment to $500.  It’s that easy!

If I “overpay” for a semester, will that be credited toward a future term?
No! A refund will be issued in the student’s name. You/your student will need to instruct the cashier to put these funds toward a future term.

I need more financial aid? Is it available?
Yes!! In most cases, additional loans are available. Talk to a Financial Aid Officer at your campus for more information. (Graduate students should contact the Financial Aid Office at (417) 328-1822.)

Tuition Promissory Note and Auto Payment Forms

Summer 2014 Promissory Note

Fall 2014 Promissory Note

Winterfest 2015 Promissory Note

Auto Payment Form

For students who are expecting financial aid and/or who will not have their balance paid in full by the first day of classes, monthly payment arrangements must be recorded on the bottom of the form.

Payment Options

  • Pre-Payments - You can begin making payments toward a future semester at ANY time!  Just send your payment, clearly marked with the term you want your payment to be posted, to our Accounting Department.  The first day of the semester, your payment(s) will automatically be posted toward your semester’s charges. It’s that easy!
  • Online / Phone Payments - Pay online via your WebAdvisor account OR call (866) 837-5397 to pay by phone.  Parents wanting to pay online will need to get access and information from their student.
  • “Automatic” Payments - You can choose to have your payments “automatically” charged to your credit or debit card.  Choose between the 1st or 15th  of each month. 
  • Monthly Payments - Want smaller, more affordable payments? Then the SBU Payment Plan is for you! Set-up on a semester-by-semester basis, these plans will allow you to break your balance into either three or four payments.

SBU Student Three-Month Payment Plan

  • Download the necessary forms from the Tuition Promissory Note and Auto Payment Forms section of this page.
  • Sign up by the registration deadline.
  • Installments due by the 15th of the month, starting approximately one week before the semester begins. Fall semester payments due: Aug 15, Sept 15, Oct 15. Spring semester payments due: Jan 15, Feb 15, March 15.
  • Payment plans require a promissory note signed by the student.
  • SBU payment plan participants will be subject to a .75% /month finance charge, along with other applicable fees, as outlined in the current University Catalog.

Important Information: All charges for tuition, fees, and room and board are due in full at the beginning of the semester UNLESS covered by an SBU Payment Plan. No student is permitted to finalize registration until all account balances have been settled or satisfactory arrangements have been made with the Credit & Collections Manager. Delinquent accounts requiring additional collection efforts will be subject to the costs incurred for collection (including, but not limited to, legal fees and collection agency costs). This information is subject to change without notice. Please refer to your University Catalog or contact Credit & Collections for additional information.