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Department of Biology at Southwest Baptist University

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Craig Endres
Department Chair
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Craig Endres
Hillary Glauser-Patton
Dennis Siegfried
Tao Wei
Cindy Wolfe


Dennis G. Siegfried, Ph.D.

Tao Wei (Weitao), 韦韬. PhD, MD.
Tao Wei
Associate Professor of Biology
Southwest Baptist University
Work 1600 University Avenue,
Wheeler Science Center
Bolivar, MO 65613
Work (417) 328-1494 |
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Courses Taught

Principles of Biology (lectures and labs)
General Microbiology (lectures and labs)
Medical Microbiology (lectures and labs)
Infectious Diseases

Current Research

Dr. Wei's team is generally interested in Bacteriology where we challenge bacterial physiology in response to DNA damaging antibiotics (the SOS response): biofilms, motility, vesiculation, and cellular evolution. We are particularly curious about SOS regulation of DNA nanomotors in viruses and bacteria.

Latest research: (#-Master's students, ##-SBU undergraduate students)

  1. Annie Wolfe##, Kara Phipps##, Tao Weitao. Viral and cellular SOS-regulated motor proteins: dsDNA translocation mechanisms with divergent functions. Cell & Bioscience. doi: 10.1186/2045-3701-4-31. eCollection (2014) Review.
  2. Peixuan Guo, Zhengyi Zhao, Jeannie Haak, Shaoying Wang, DongWu, BingMeng, and Tao Weitao. Common mechanisms of DNA translocation motors in bacteria and viruses using one-way revolution mechanism without rotation. Biotechnology Advances. 32, 853-872 (2014). Review.
  3. Shakinah T Chellappa#, Reshma Maredia#, Kara Phipps##, William E Haskins, Tao Weitao. Motility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa contributes to the SOS-inducible biofilm formation. Research in Microbiology. 164: 1019-27. (2013).

Why do you enjoy teaching at SBU?

"I enjoy integrating God’s word and Christian faith into teaching of biological sciences. Also see Romans 1:20."

Educational and Professional Background

Wei earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Microbiology & Molecular Biology of Bacteria. Uppsala University, Sweden; Doctor of Medicine. Henan Medical University. 河南医科大学. China ; and postdoctoral training in Molecular Genetics of Microorganism, California Institute of Technology.

Faith Dedications: Matthew 28:19-20:  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen. 所 以 你 们 要 去 , 使 万 民作 我 的 门 徒 , 奉 父 子 圣 灵 的 名 , 给 他 们 施 洗 。凡 我 所 吩 咐 你 们 的 , 都 教 训 他 们 遵 守 , 我 就 常 与 你 们 同 在 , 直 到 世 界 的 末了.