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Master of Business Administration

SBU and the College of Business and Computer Science seek to provide an environment where students are encouraged to achieve success in their chosen fields; develop the ability to think coherently and creatively; and organize, analyze and communicate information in a faith based setting.

The MBA program has been established to enhance the professional and personal development of the students, and provide the foundation necessary for occupational advancement. The course of study for the MBA includes knowledge and application skills in business in order to prepare students for leadership roles.

The SBU Board of Trustees decided in February 2012 to suspend enrollment in the MBA degree program. A two-year teach-out plan is presently in place to enable students to complete the degree by May 2014.

MBA Teach-Out Plan

Fall 2013

BUS 5063 Law of Commerce, 2nd 8 weeks

ECO 5043 Managerial Economics

MGT 5093 Organizational Strategy (Capstone)

MKT 5023 Marketing Management, 1st 8 weeks

Spring 2014

MGT 5043 Organizational Behavior

MGT 5093 Organizational Strategy (Capstone)

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