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Center for Global Connections

Global Connection Projects

Spring 2014




New Orleans

Polk County

South Dakota

Summer 2014

Cheyenne River
The project involves community development in Cherry Creek, South Dakota on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation.

Extreme Africa
This project assists the Baptist Mission of South Sudan, training leaders and teaching Bible stories in the villages around Mogos, Kapoeta East County.

Guatemala City
This project will assist an orphanage with their operations and construction work.

This Project will be a Mongolia tour to learn about the culture by visiting temples, the Marco Polo monument, and the Chengiss Haan statue, as well as exploring the capital city.  There will also be a rural tour observing nomadic life and animals such as the famous Bactrian camel.

New York
This project will involve exploring the culture of Bengali people in Queens by conversing on culture and religion with the Bengali women.

Northern Asia
This project will involve touring Northern Asia and teaching English and baseball as volunteers.

Pacific Rim
This project will involve touring Bandung and enjoy the surrounding mountains as well as well volunteering at a student Center in Bandung.

This project is a tour of Iquitos and the jungle village areas of Peru in order to learn about the culture and ecosystem.

This project is a pilgrimage hiking the Camino de Santiago in France and Spain.

Fall 2014

Polk County

January 2015

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Central Asia






Middle East




This project will complete an internship for a degree program with an organization in Zambia.

The CGC is one of the largest student mission mobilization programs in the USA.

The Center for Global Connections is committed to representing Christ globally by equipping the SBU community to live missionally (Locally, Domestically, and Globally) by providing participants strategic educational experiences to be holistically transformed.

The aim of the Center for Global Connections is to connect students to a larger world.  Students should see their neighbor, their country, and "the ends of the earth" and move to action.  The CGC is committed to developing student leaders for a global society.  Students must learn to care for one another as team members while preparing and serving together.  The CGC leads students into the global classroom to learn and spread the message about Jesus Christ to all.