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Center for Global Connections

Community Life +Worship

We affirm that spiritual formation is individual and, at the same time, corporate. Our individual spiritual lives are shaped by our community. And our community is shaped by individuals. Community Life +Worship is designed to give you choices in what you do to foster spiritual formation in your life and in your community.

With that in mind, we have created the CLW graduation requirements. Each student is required to earn 200 CLW points in a typical 8-semester college career. This averages to 25 points per semester. A student can earn up to 35 CLW points per semester. CLW points can be earned from a variety of options within five major categories:

  • Chapel (Monday chapel, Wednesday Bible study and evening chapel)
  • Small groups
  • Mission team participation
  • Community service
  • Areas of special interest


All CLW point options are listed in the Community Life +Worship PDF.

You choose the 25-35 options that are best for you. We hope and pray that Community Life +Worship will create a culture of spiritual formation in our lives and in our community.