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Graduate Studies in Education

Chairperson & Director:  James Truelove
Administrative Assistant: Susan Cooper
Office:  120 Gott Educational Center
(417) 328-1700 or 1-800-792-4191

Program Purposes:

The purpose of the Graduate Programs in Education is to provide learning experiences that will assist teachers to improve their capability to teach in elementary, middle and secondary schools and to provide training leading to the recommendation for certification for elementary, middle or secondary school building principalship and district superintendency. The program is designed to assist graduate students in attaining a number of outcomes.

A graduate should be able to:

  • identify schools of philosophical thought and analyze one's personal philosophy of education as it relates to Christian educational thought;
  • identify current educational issues and trends and evaluate and implement sound educational practice;
  • attain proficiency in the areas of educational research and statistical analysis;
  • demonstrate a sound understanding of learning theories and become adept in applying them in classroom or administrative situations;
  • develop the ability to investigate, analyze, and initiate curricular and instructional change and improvement;
  • become adept at using advanced educational technology in instruction and evaluation;
  • increase teaching expertise and general proficiency in instruction or administration;
  • become committed to engaging in professional growth and development on a continuing basis;
  • expand subject matter knowledge in all education content fields; and
  • strengthen one's value system consistent with a Christian ethical position.

Program Accreditation and Approval:

  • The Higher Learning Commission & North Central Association Membership
  • Programs in Education approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education