SBUBolivar, Missouri Est. 1878

Master of Science in Education at Southwest Baptist University

Master of Science in Educational Administration

Course Rotation - Bolivar


  • EAD 6001 Technology for School Administrators (online)
  • EAD 6002 Foundations of Educational Administration (online)
  • EAD 6053 School Supervision


  • EAD 6083 Essentials in Law, Finance and Buildings (online with one Saturday – location to be determined)
  • EAD 6093 Administration of Special Programs


  • EAD 6014 School Curriculum for Administrators
  • EAD 6024 School Administration


  • EDU 5083 Educational Research
  • EAD 6062 Internship I (arranged)


  • EAD 6113 Administrative Communication, Innovations and Management
  • EAD 6143 Educational Organizations, Leadership and Change (online)
  • EAD 6072 Internship II (arranged)


  • EDU 5033 Learners and the Learning Process
  • EAD 6132 Capstone Experience


38 hours

*Learners may be taken at any time the course is offered.

*All course work must be completed or in progress before taking EAD 6132.

*Following the completion of the degree and successful completion of the SLLA candidates will be recommended for an initial K-12 principal certificate.

*This is a suggested plan of study and notes the semesters the courses are offered.